Nestville Whiskey 6 Years
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Nestville Whiskey 6 Years

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The original and delicious flavour of whisky includes the unique production process of seven column distillation, resulting in a distillate of exceptional fineness and purity. This whisky received significant awards in world-renowned competitions in 2018, including a silver medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards and bronze medal at the World Whiskies Awards. Even Jim Murray himself, in his world-famous book the Whisky Bible, gave this whisky a verbal rating of “BRILLIANT whisky”.

The base of our six-year-old blended whisky’s exceptional flavour is a carefully prepared blend of grain and malt whisky. Its main ingredient is grain whisky, which contains 12% malt, 48% corn and 40% triticale. The second component is pure malt whisky made from 100% barley malt. To achieve the perfect harmony of flavour, 90% of the grain whisky is blended with 10% malt whisky, resulting in Nestville Blended Whisky.

Colour: amber with a hint of gold
Aroma: robust aroma of oak and vanilla, with a fine honey and spice finish
Flavour: a full flavour rich with vanilla and oak, abundantly aromatic and slightly sweet. Creamy with maple syrup in the background.
Finish: very harmonious finish with a delicious bitterness and the sweetness of caramel